Landfills and Open Dumps


Contamination Evidence:
  • Observed leachate runoff.
  • Seepage into nearby surface water.
  • High levels of bacteria, organic chemicals, metals, nitrates in well water tests.
  • Lack of control over leachate.
  • Permeable soil.
  • Leaky landfill cover.
  • No liner or liner failure.
  • Poor management.
  • Lack of control over hazardous wastes disposal.
  • Proper design, maintenance, and operation.
  • Avoid sensitive groundwater areas.
  • Regular inspection and groundwater monitoring.
  • Ban hazardous wastes from landfill unless designed for this purpose.
  • Reduce waste by recycling.

Small Disposal Pits

Small Disposal Pits

Used for dumping or burning wastes by businesses and households.

Contamination Evidence:
  • Petroleum odor in well water.
  • Other chemical odors.
  • Detection of chemicals in well water tests.
  • Improper disposal of chemicals, oil, pesticides, other wastes and used containers.
  • Lack of disposal facilities for small amounts of hazardous wastes.
  • Public information and education.
  • Disposal facilities for small hazardous waste generators.
  • Enforcement against improper waste disposal.