Community Action

Groundwater in Oregon

Well Water Program

While the efforts of one person can make a difference, protecting groundwater requires everyone to do their part.

Become aware of groundwater and what you can do to protect it. Some community-wide changes require a critical mass of people voicing the need for new policies or expenditures. Change can happen when a group of people works together toward a common goal.

This section includes information on how to work effectively as a group to protect groundwater in your community. Be sure to take advantage of the various programs that offer structure and support for groundwater protection. You will also fin guidance on gathering information, activities, and funding.

Working as a Group

Community groups often are made up of very diverse types of people with a common goal. How can your group work effectively together, despite your differences, to achieve your goals?

There are a number of publications available to help with the group process.


Structure for Groundwater Protection

What sources of support exist for local groundwater protection efforts?


Gathering Information about Groundwater Issues

Information is power. A wealth of information is available about your community's groundwater if you know where to look.


Activities to Protect Groundwater

What concrete steps can your group take to make a difference in your community?