Well Check List

Well Water Program

  1. Do you know the location of your well, septic tank, and drainfield?
  2. Were your well and septic systems constructed within the last 20 years?
  3. Is your well deeper than 50 feet?
  4. Have you had your water tested within the last three years?
  5. Have you inspected your well within the last year? Two common types of wells and inspection details are shown below:

  6. Do you make a point of keeping contamination sources away from your well?
    • No chemicals in your pump house
    • Confined animals excluded from immediate area around well
    • Fuel tanks, pesticide mixing, and manure piles at least 50' away and downhill from well
  7. Are you sure there are no old, unused wells on your property?
  8. Has it been less than 5 years since your septic tank was pumped and inspected?
  9. Is your drainfield area protected from the weight of heavy animals and vehicles, and free of wet spots or odor?
  10. Do you feel confident that you know how to maintain your well and septic system to protect the quality of your drinking water and to prevent costly repairs?
  11. Do you consider water quality when selecting management practices on your property? Are you comfortable that your fertilizer, pesticide and irrigation rates are not threatening your water quality?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, read the information provided on this website to learn more about how you can protect your drinking water supply, your family's health, and your investment in your property.

Contact the OSU Well Water Program for more information.