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Farms and gardens (including lawns!) have the potential to significantly impact ground water quality.

OSU publications relating to farm and gardens


Irrigation Water Quality

  • Plants vary in their sensitivity to salt, boron, arsenic and other water quality parameters.
  • The season or stage of plant growth also affects sensitivity of individual plants.
  • Recommended limits for arsenic in reclaimed irrigation water are 0.5 mg/l for long-term use and 2.0mg/l for short term use.


Other Resources

  • OSU Small Farms Program has a variety of information for farms, including pasture, grazing and manure management to improve water quality.
  • Oregon Small Acreage Fact Sheets and Resources from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • Groundwater - Friendly Gardening has some simple suggestions.
  • Irrigation Water Salinity and Crop Production, a 9 page publication from University of California at Davis.
  • US EPA Region 10 Beneficial Landscaping Site