What is this program?  We are accepting Wait List applications only at this time. 

This program is offering free septic system and domestic well repairs and replacements to Lincoln County homeowners who may qualify. In order to qualify: the home must be located in Lincoln County, you must own the home, it be your current primary residence and will continue to be, and the home needs to be in need of septic system or domestic well repairs.  We also have a separate program for those that have secondary residences and rentals (vacation or standard).

How do I apply

Apply Now for our wait list!  The team is working through projects, as you can imagine these projects take time and as funds obligated to projects are not used we will reach out to wait list applicants in the order they were received. 

For the Well Repair Assistance program please reach out the [email protected] directly.

Disclaimer: If you have already received Craft3 funding for your septic system you are ineligible for this program.

What if I don’t think I would qualify? 

Please fill out the application, we have several funding options with different requirements. We will slot you into the funding source that works the best. 

How does it work? 

APPLY! The application only takes about five minutes to complete, once done wait for us to reach out to you for next steps. Some things you can prepare to give us after you fill out your application are proof of income, this can be your last years taxes, most recent paystubs, social security benefits letter, etc. We will need this before we can approve your application (for our income based funding).

Once we receive your application we will reach out to get more information from you shortly and brief you on what the process will look like for your situation. Once we have approved your application you will be free to choose a contractor who is partnered with our program. Some projects we can directly pay your contractor (if they are on our approved list), or you can use another licensed contractor of your choice and you will pay them then go through the reimbursement process with us.  

Thank you for your interest in our program. We have closed the application to process the over 300 applications that we have received for the septic repair program.  Please join our waitlist, as we will pull applications in the order received as funding becomes available.  We anticipate accepting additional projects in January of 2024. 

For well repair assistance please reach out to [email protected]

Craft 3 may be of assistance, however our programs are not compatible. 

I'm a licensed well and/or septic contractor and would like to join the program, how?

Please send us an email at [email protected] 

This program is a partnership between Lincoln County and the OSU Extension Service

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