• Free from impurities 
    • Tap water is carefully filtered to be drinkable, but it goes through a lot of steps to get your faucet that can add contaminants and impurities back into it after it has been filtered. Bottled water is safe from these issues as it goes into the bottles in its purest form, clean of any debris or impurities. https://www.thewaterdepot.com/3-health-benefits-bottled-water/ 
  • Bottled water can be stored for a long period of time
    • If the bottle of water is unopened, you can store it indefinitely when kept in the correct environment 
    • Storage should be in a refrigerator if possible, instead of leaving it out in the open in the garage or shed. Must be kept away from chemicals, solvents, and fumes to maintain in good quality 
  • Bottled water is guaranteed to to be of a specific quality 
    • When households don't have access to tap water that is clean and safe to drink, purchasing bottled water can make sure that any health effects from well water contamination do not have a chance to settle in to become problematic 



  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for identifying and setting limits for the amount of contaminants that can be present in tap water and groundwater, which include chemicals and microorganisms. 
  • Although the EPA are responsible for setting tap water standards, not all contaminants are subject to regulation
  • The FDA has set standards for bottled water, they require manufacturers to process and transport bottle water under sanitary conditions and to use processes that ensure the safety of the water.