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GWMA Committee Meeting Minutes

GWMA Meetings page contains all material related to meetings of the GWMA Committee organized by meeting date. For each meeting there is an agenda, minutes, materials that were distributed prior to or at the meeting, and PowerPoint presentations.


Working Group Activities

There is a page for each working group containing all of the material that was submitted from that group. At the top of each working group page is the final version of the Working Group Report that was submitted Spring 2006 to the GWMA Committee for inclusion in the Action Plan.

Agricultural Working Group

Commercial-Industrial Working Group

Public Drinking Water Working Group

Residential Working Group


Official DEQ Reports

DEQ reports related to the Southern Willamette Valley are available on this web site from the DEQ Reports page.


SWiG Update Newsletters (2003)


News Media

Featured stories and media coverage related to the Southern Willamette Valley can be found on the News Media page.